Letting Go

Letting Go

Letting Go

If you want to control how you feel, consider letting go.

Letting go is a feeling of relief and lightness that comes after freedom. You are now in control of your thoughts and feelings; involuntary reactivity is a thing of the past.

We carry around immense accumulated negative feelings, attitudes, and beliefs. How nice to get rid of the baggage! That collection of negativity makes it difficult for us to glimpse our true self briefly—that person without all those shoulda’s and woulda’s that are other people’s expectations.

Negative thoughts build up and cause negative feelings. Who needs that in your life? Let it go.

Letting go is also surrendering. The value of surrender is feeling and then instantly letting go of the feelings. Once you are free of negative thoughts, creativity and spontaneity arise naturally. And trust follows.


What Letting Go Isn’t

Letting go is not suppressing or repressing feelings. My generation of kids were taught to push feelings down and put them aside. Suppression is conscious; repression happens unconsciously. Letting go starts with abiding by the feeling. Feel it in your body, and then let it go.

It is not expressing the feeling either. Expressing negative emotions by punching pillows is out. It’s not numbing. You don’t need to work 80 hours a week not to feel or be busy all the time. Let alone shopping, substances, escapism, et al. Letting go doesn’t result in emotional isolation and a lack of self-love.

Instead, letting go is decompression and instant surrender. Breathing again. Accumulated pressures evaporate, you sleep better, and somatic conditions improve. You look healthier, feel better, and take kind care of yourself.


Letting Go of Stress

You can let go of your stress, too. Stress is internal rather than what most people think. Most think stress is external and comes from the world rather than your perspective. Our beliefs and reactivity determine stress.  Letting go of stress involves metacognition and your amygdala.

The more you let go, the less stress you have.


How to Let Go?

When letting go, become aware, let it come up and give it space, stay with the feeling, let it run its course without wanting to make it different or interrupt it.

Just let the feeling be there, and then the energy behind it dissipates. It is just a feeling. You don’t have to fear or be judgemental; instead, you can be kind to yourself and let it pass. If resistance keeps a feeling going, letting go is the opposite. Focus on the feelings and not the thoughts. The thoughts are endless and self-reinforcing, like a bickering old couple.

When you are free, you are okay with it happening or not happening. You become more of a witness to your life and less of the experiencer.  You come close to your authentic self, and you drop your victim attitude towards life.


Why Don’t People Let Go?

So, why don’t people let go? How many people are currently dissatisfied or unhappy in today’s world? Don’t you think more people should let go of such strongly held beliefs?

You can’t do that. That’s stupid. The ego will resist you at every step.

Keep letting go of the roadblocks ego throws in your path.

Remember, you are free. You don’t have to let go. No one is forcing you. But consider what is behind the fear. It’s understandable; you’ve been running it (those neural pathways) for so long that it is second nature to you. To overcome those long-running neural pathways, it takes continued letting go. Forming a new habit of letting go and surrendering.

Everyone can let go. It is a natural ability. You don’t need to overthink it; you need to do it.

You can also let go of commonly held beliefs that no longer serve you, such as simple things aren’t worth much, or we only deserve things through hard work, or that suffering is beneficial. It’s that easy. Let go.


Letting Go

There are good reasons to let stuff go. Clutter around you pulls your energy down and keeps you from what is important.

It is fine to feel whatever you feel, but letting it go after that is a great option. You don’t need to keep it all in or express it; you can just feel it and let it go.

Especially the recurrent negative thoughts in your mind.

Lighten the load let go. You are free to do so and will love packing around less.


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