Over and over again for eternity

Over and over again for eternity

Over and over again


Would you live your life over and over again for eternity?

Some answer the question affirmatively and move on with life. And then there is the rest of us. We stop and consider what the question means. Some feel shame or unworthiness, and some pause to consider the weight of their past.

Inherently, we know we cannot change the past; the other challenge comes from knowing our many futures.


Consider the Present Moment

But even beyond our inability to change the past is the concern that we will continue to suffer in the future. How has your life been so far? Good? How will your life be from here on out? Who has the agency to decide? What can you do?

Consider the present moment.

History is what we make of it. It can either re-affirm who we are or be baggage weighing us down.
Let go of the baggage; we have only the present moment to give life to the past. The past is an illusion we create every moment we think about it in the present. If we didn’t give it life in the present, would it still be there to bother you? Remember to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. There is no need to carry that weight.

In the present, our past doesn’t stop us from moving forward. But would you repeatedly re-live your past to have another chance to live your future? One more chance.

How much do you love the possibility of the future? But just like the past is an illusion, so is the future.


The Future is an Illusion

Would I live my future again if I had to re-live the suffering of the past? Would I live that life repeatedly knowing what I know now?

We have one chance to live our future. But that’s not quite right either. The future is just an illusion. All you have is now—the present.

You cannot change the future except through what you decide to do or not do now. Is it time to take better care of yourself now so you might have a better future? You can only take better care of yourself with what you decide to do now.

Since the future is an illusion, you only have to live now.


Getting the Most out of Now

Since you only have now, let’s look at some ways to make your future better when you live it over and over in the present.


Mindfulness and Mediation

Mindfulness can have many health benefits.

Meditation is life-changing for many.


Cultivate Joy Through Gratitude

If you want joy in your life, find it in the mundane moments and get grateful. Cultivate joy through gratitude and know that good things come from being grateful.


Let Go Empathy

Empathy can cause you to carry the suffering of others. Is that pain yours? Compassion rather than flogging yourself after a mistake. Let go of empathy when you become self-critical after losing the perfect sheen of self-image.

Letting Go means accepting self-acceptance through kindness and compassion rather than perfectionism and self-criticism.


Don’t Accept False Dichotomies

There are no yes or no questions since truth usually lies in the middle of a dichotomy. Be cautious of a false dichotomy.


Watch the Numbing

We all numb. Don’t think you can eliminate the bad in your life without numbing out the good. When you are too busy, everyone in your life loses. Watch yourself during a string of days; discover if what you do in the moment or if it is just numbing.


Explore Hope

What do you need to make the most out of now? Have hope that your future is better than your past. We would never make this decision without hope for a better future.


Discover Your True Self

Discover or awaken to your true self.


Self-love is a Daily Practice

Work on self-love, but understand self-love is a daily practice.


Would You Live Your Life Over and Over Again for Eternity?

So, would you live your life over and over again for eternity? You would if you could live in the present moment. You can live in the moment.

Live here where you focus on what is real rather than on what is imaginary. Life, after all, is just a series of moments.

Every day, you can have a revelation and decide to live the best life possible. You can show up as your best possible self and face the moment with true acceptance and grace.

You can be happy no matter what.

I’ll be honest: when I first faced the problem, I said hells no. Shame reared its ugly head, and my ego went crazy with my chosen mantra of self-limiting and horribly self-critical beliefs.

But only for a moment. When you choose the moment, you have many futures to live out right now, now, here in this moment.

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