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FiPhysician aims to provide exceptional financial and retirement content for physician (highly paid) DIY investors. While focusing on DIY investing and retirement planning, I also offer Advice-Only (hourly) Retirement Planning.

Too often, blogs are superficial and you really don’t learn anything new or useful. I aim to challenge you with each blog and discuss advanced tax, investing, and retirement concepts. This is not for a “delegator” who wants to give his assets away (via AUM), this is for you: the DIY physician investor!

If you are a highly net worth investor looking to advance your financial knowledge, you’ve found the right place! Read on! Or Subscribe!





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Physician Early Retirement

  • While I work mostly with those of “traditional” retirement age, I also have an interest in Physician Early Retirement. So if you are still in accumulation, feel free to reach out as well!