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FiPhysician aims to provide exceptional financial and retirement content for highly paid DIY investors. While focusing on DIY investing and retirement planning, I also offer Advice-Only Hourly Retirement Planning.

Too often, blogs are superficial, and you don’t learn anything new or valuable. I aim to challenge you with each blog and discuss advanced tax, investing, and retirement concepts. This is not for a “delegator” who wants to give his assets away (via AUM); this is for you: the DIY physician investor!

For instance, in retirement, you must have a purpose as well as money. What is your asset allocation today if you were forced to go to cash with your attention? What will you do in retirement?

If you are a high-net-worth investor looking to advance your financial knowledge, you’ve found the right place! Read on! Or Subscribe!





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  • While I work primarily with those of “traditional” retirement age, I also have an interest in Physician Early Retirement. So if you are still in accumulation, feel free to reach out as well!