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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020


Year in Review: 2020 Top FiPhysician Posts



Let’s do a year-end review. What are the top 10 FiPhysician posts for 2020?

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my posts this year, and here are the favorites for 2020.


WCI On-Line Conference 2021

I will be a speaker at WCICON 2021! I will be talking about Taxes and the White Coat Retirement. IF you are considering going, please use this link to WCICON 2021 which will help support my blogging efforts since it is an affiliate link. No extra cost to you, but keeps this site advertisement free.


Statistics Review

Pretty good year. In 2019, my site had 45.5k page views. So far this year, we are up to 361k page views. That’s almost an 8-fold year over year increase! Thank you! Here are the top 10 blogs from 2019, if you can remember back that far.

Otherwise, on google search console, had 2.4M impressions and 68k clicks. Average CTR is 2.8% and average position is 30. I’m not sure what those number should be, but there it is.


Most Clicked Posts from Email List

I made the switch this year from mailchip to sendfox. Hopefully you didn’t notice much of a difference. The goal was to try and get out of people’s spam filters and provide you with an honest choice of staying or going. List size is stable this year (about 1,200) due to weeding out of non-active account, but open rate is 45% and click through rate is 20%. I think those numbers are awesome compared to industry statistics, and I thank anyone who has clicked any of my links this year.

Most clicked on this year is my Fictional Retirement Plan. This is a new series I’m starting that documents imagined issues in planning. Here is volume II, which is the Fictitious Retirement Plan.

The second most clicked post is Bond Alternatives. This is a big one, as people are (unfortunately) reaching for income given the low yield environment.


Most Number of Page Views from Organic Search Traffic

IRMAA 2020—High Income Earners Avoid the Cliff had the greatest number of page views from organic traffic this year. Pretty self-explanatory!

In second place this year, interestingly Improving on “Coronavirus: The Hammer and The Dance”

The highest click through rate from organic search belongs to When Should I Stop Disability Insurance.

Finally, How Long-Term Capital Gains Stack on Top of Ordinary Income Rate also gain traction in the organic search market


Other Honorable Mentions

Lowest bounce rate (which means people go to another page on my site after reading this: Issues in Retirement Planning for Doctors.

Go Conservative Prior to Retirement captured people’s attention for the longest period of time. The average: 11 minutes!


My Favorite Blog That Didn’t Make the List

Sometimes we all have our babies that don’t get the recognition that they deserve. This blog is the one I would have you read that didn’t make the top 10 list: Good/Fast/Cheap Model of Investing: The Iron Triangle.


Top 10 Blogs of 2020

And here we go! By popularity, let’s review the top 10 blogs of 2020!


Partial Roth Conversions – Man this one is important! This is the way forward for many folks who have oversaved in their pre-tax retirement accounts.



Portfolio Optimization – I am really proud of this one. It shows how you break up your 3 funds over your three account types. Required Reading!



Non-Governmental 457 Retirement Plans – This tomb of a blog is the best on the internet. If you have a Non-Governmental 457 plan you are considering, read this first.



My Mega Backdoor Roth – Another best-on-the internet blog. I am not being modest, it really is the best thing you will find on the internet if your retirement plan allows the Mega Backdoor Roth. It is time to do answer 401k to Roth IRA Rollover, and I’ll update this post when I get the new tax forms next year.



MAGI Deep Dive for ACA Credits or IRMAA – This blog on MAGI is also the most quoted on the Bogleheads forum.



Coronavirus and the Stock Market – I’m not including a lot of my coronavirus blogs (since they were included in my book From Killer To Common Cold), but this bit reflected my frustration that “90% Effective” misunderstood what the next few months are actually going to be like… let alone the next few years.



Retirement Planning for Doctors – Another Must Read if you are considering retirement in the next 5 years.



IRMAA – This oldie but goodie continues to rank number 1 on google for most searches.



How Can I Live My Life With Covid-19 In the World?


And Finally, the most popular Blog of 2020:



Physician Retirement Checklist


Year End Review 2020

That it! Thanks so Much! Look forward to “seeing” you at WCICON 2021!



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  1. I continue to enjoy your blogs as they provide information and view points I don’t find in other places. I reread #6 (MAGI) as this is not easily understood nor explained elsewhere. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I wish you a Very Happy New Year!

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