Top 10 Blogs of 2021

Top 10 Blogs of 2021

Best of the Blog 2021


Its time for yearly check in of the top 10 blogs of 2021.

It was a good year for growth! My advice-only retirement planning for DIY physicians consulting service is now in full swing after 3 years. Second quarter, for some reason, I had more business than I could handle and helped more clients than in the third and fourth quarters combined. Who knows why? December has really picked up as well.

The blog grew quite a bit too. Unfortunately, I added advertising to the blog this year. Sorry about that, but it manages to pay the bills, and if I had to guess, I now make minimum wage for my blog! Thus, I can now leave my medicine career—which I talk about in Doctors Leaving Early Because Covid—and go full time on the above. April 1st 2022 is my last day.

Let’s look at some blog statistics and then go over the top 10 blogs of 2021.



February had the most visits (Physician Retirement Checklist hit Doximity) and had 54k pageviews.

This year, had 347k pageviews, which is up from 45.5k in 2019, but down from 2020 (361k). I’ll note that about half of the visits from 2020 were covid blogs, but I have given up blogging about covid (aside from encouraging you to read my book From Killer to Common Cold where I predict that Covid will become endemic—written in September 2020 prior to vaccines or variants—and who is talking about this now?)

The email list grew to 1500 strong with an average open rate of 65% and click through rate of 28%. I don’t have a lot of data, but here you can see the average open rate is 25% and 3.2% click through. I guess I need to start spamming people more…

Top Clicked On email this year (36%): Physician Retirement Jokes. Huh, who knew!

The page with the lowest bounce rate (where someone leaves after clicking on the page): FiPhysician Start Here Page. Good thing it didn’t end there! This page is a new addition this year, and tries to organize the blog a bit for new readers.

Finally: Most time spent reading on a single post…. With a whopping 13 minutes on average: How to be an Excellent Physician Investor.


Favorite Blog that Didn’t make the top 10 Blogs of 2021

Every year I have favorites that don’t make the list.



Top 10 Blogs of 2021

And finally, here are the top 10 Blogs of 2021, in order from most-to-least popular:

  1. 10-Year Rule and your Retirement Accounts. This is important! The SECURE Act changed how inherited IRAs are taxed. You worked hard to build up the IRA, and someone is going to pay the taxes. Why not try to minimize the taxes!
  2. IRMAA-2021 (Don’t Fall off the Cliff!). This was #1 in 2019, and I re-vamped it for 2021. IRMAA is a cliff penalty (hidden tax) for the high income, that is modestly important.
  3. And how do you know if you are going to pay IRMAA? Well, there are several different Magi to choose from in the IRS code: Magi Calculation and Deep Dive on Magi for IRMAA and ACA Premium Tax Credits
  4. If you read one blog about taxes this year, have it be this one: Capital Gains Sit on top of Ordinary Income
  5. Best Anxiety Adjusted Returns (which I rolled into my bit on You can be an excellent physician investor)
  6. How I picked my Retirement Date
  7. My Mega Backdoor Roth-Step by Step Guide
  8. Not to brag, but this is the best blog on the internet on the topic: Non-Governmental 457 Plans
  9. Using a 529 as a Bonus Retirement Plan You use an HSA and a backdoor Roth as bonus retirement plans, why not a 529?
  10. And finally: Partial Roth Conversions. This is an in-depth and detailed look at why you want to consider Roth conversions during your tax planning window.


Conclusion- Top Blogs of 2021

Thanks for another great year! Now that I’m earning minimum wage writing this blog… I think I’ll quit my doctor job and keep writing! Seriously, now, I do enjoy writing, and it is not infrequently detailed, tax-oriented, juicy stuff that you don’t find elsewhere on the click-bait internet. Thanks for joining me in this journey, and when you need advice-only retirement planning, I hope you remember FiPhysician!






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  1. First, I really do love your highly informative and educational articles and look forward to reading every one of them, even though I’m not a Physician.
    I understand the financial benefit of having ads on your blog/site, but the constant Google Ads popping up while I’m scrolling to read the article is about as annoying as it can get, and totally changes my attitude towards visiting your site. It almost has the feel of the “click-thru” of What your favorite 1980’s Stars look like now sites.
    Just some feedback…

    • Thank you! I do appreciate your feedback and I hate the ads too. I signed up for a year contract, so let’s see what happens. I think most blogs go through the phase of trying ads, and then monetize some other way. I work hard to get quality ads, but there are so darn many of them! I’ll see what I can do to turn down the volume of them even if that means making less than minimum wage for this niche blog!

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