Why Financial Independence?

Why Financial Independence?

Physician burnout is epidemic, but solutions are rare.

In a Medscape poll, finances are second on the list of contributing factors.

Physicians earn money but have a late start. In addition, we have significant debt and multiple financial goals early in our careers (houses, toys, children’s education, retirement plans, etc.).

After taking care of patients all day long, who still has the energy to make decisions about finances?

What Does Financial Independence Add?

Financial Independence provides a framework to make financial decisions easier. We all know “you should save” and “you should invest,” but why?


Why pay your future self when your current self is suffering?

Honestly, why do anything amid burnout?

I can barely face work today, let alone plan for tomorrow. And you want me to prepare for my retirement?

FI is a Worthy Goal. Retirement is not.

Retirement is not a worthy goal. Not when you are suffering. Not early in your career.

After all, you were just flogged for about a decade to get where you are today. Tomorrow?

Instead, why not focus on becoming financially independent! Now that is a goal I can get behind. Work today to make tomorrow a day you can choose to work if you want to.

Work if you love the work you do, not for a paycheck to run on the hamster wheel of debt.

Take control of your finances and reduce burnout.

Improve the number one contributing factor for burnout as well: your J – O – B.

Financial Independence is not just about finances. It is about values and living both for today and tomorrow—plan on doing just 1% better today and see the compounding growth.

You Already Have Enough

We’ve seen the statistics: those making more than a certain amount necessary for living a good life are as happy as those making multiple amounts more. So, why not harvest the rest to create a life of your choosing? Make minor improvements in all aspects of your life that compound over the years into real growth and change!

When you get momentum, you will affect your life and job, optimizing both.

Financial independence is a movement found in blogs and podcasts rather than in popular media. The popular press misunderstands the movement so badly that reliable information is not found on TV, newspapers, or in magazines.

Start your journey online: google “physician financial independence.” Ignore the commercial sites…what great advice is that in general?

Find inspiration for today and tomorrow.

Financial Independence for Physicians