Just Keep Creating

Just Keep Creating

Just Keep Creating



The key to life: keep creating. If you are creating, then that is enough.

Creating every day is a goal too lofty for most. Oh, to fear nothing. To hope for nothing. To create every day is too lofty for most. Me included.

I’m after a more modest goal. I’m just going to keep creating today. Maybe I’ll wipe my hand on anything convenient to eliminate the resistance to create.

It is plenty to create in the face of your personality and a day in your life.

If you are creating, then that is enough.


Only God Creates in a Vacuum

You don’t create in a vacuum. Only God creates in a vacuum, and only then on the first day. After that, even god created irregardless. Since then, no one has created in a vacuum.

Your life results from being born into this or that religion, in this or that part of the world, in a war zone, in menopause, or in a famine. Where is the vacuum?

What sucks is that you must work, you must pay taxes, you eat and deal with what is on TV and what passes for local politics. In the midst of all of this, you must create.


Would-be Creators

Would-be creators live in the real world. They are Mid-Westerners, lesbians, Egyptians, Catholics, whatever, embedded in a community or culture. They still create.

There is no sanctuary. They possess every worry and doubt that you do; fear and resistance course through their amygdala. Fight of Flight just like you, and the same day job, they get coffee at the same place as you and use exactly all the excuses you do for why you don’t create.

The key to life is to keep creating. If you are creating, then that is enough.

No rest. No other way. No Escape. Anyone who has created anything in the past lived in the real world and suffered worse than you; now is your time to be enough and create.

A benefactor can salary someone who wants to create. And they would quit their day jobs and not create. No art or writing or anything that is generative comes from living off someone else. It’s not a matter of money; everything else (resistance) is the issue.

You must create in the middle of everything if you want to create. Everything must become your nothing. Learn whatever it takes to create in the middle of things.

Any memes or tricks or psychological improvements that get you there, make sure you use them. Do what works. Create in the middle of whatever else is going on in your life means hoping for nothing and still doing the act. Creating. Art. In the middle of your life right now… yes you! Currently, right now, what will it take to get you to create something? Yes, you.

You must be able to create in the middle of living your life or you will not create. Profound turbulence is always present in every life of every creator. Working through it is what produces art.


When You Don’t Create

Take a system that has failed and ask a lot of questions. What would have worked and when? How often? What? Who? To what end? When a guy blows something up, that is the time to pay attention.

Guess what? That person who blew it up is you. You blew it. Create in the middle of the worst part of your life because until you get past resistance and develop a crazy system that allows you to create now, your only creation is excuses.

Artists who create weather every storm. Even the most severe crisis.

Yet you let an everyday ordinary crisis stop the process of creating. Here is a list of things that should not stop you from creating:

  • Internal doubt
  • External criticism
  • Emotional feelings
  • Change in life
  • Crisis in faith
  • Self-doubt
  • Fear
  • Meaningless
  • Calling yourself untalented


If you have skin in the game of creating something new, your skin will forever retract unless you produce somehow. Somewhere. Everyday. You can’t create once and then again in two years. Create now and then create again.

It seems like you are always in a crisis of your mind, your inner conflicts, or your physical body. It is never the right time to create. Except for right now. Now is the only time.



I hope for nothing

I fear nothing

I am free

Nikos Kazantzakis



Tomorrow you have the same choice whether you create or not. You probably will turn on the TV again or buzz through social media and make a healthy dinner. It seems like not much is going on. Wait a second: isn’t this the perfect time to create? Aren’t you just right in the middle of nowhere?

Wrong. Just because you have a second to yourself doesn’t mean you aren’t trapped in your personality and the life you have chosen. And the culture in which you were raised. Sometimes even trapped within your wounded inner child or an event that makes your amygdala feel like a jet fly-over or a flair sent up in the air.

There is no exit. You are always in your life. Your thoughts. Your culture. Your personality. Your ego. Despite all of that, you create.

When hormones or wars are raging, you still have to create. If the PTA or your job, or your life sucks you still have to create. That’s how everyone does it. Stop resistance. There are no excuses except doing it now. Right now.

If you didn’t, why not? That is the resistance you have to overcome every tomorrow.


Unless you are impervious to the universe’s rules, you need to create while life goes on around you. Life always goes on, and you always create, or you don’t. Create even if you have the job to support you, or if, heaven forbid, you have all the time in the world to pursue your craft.


You are not trapped in your personality. You are not trapped in your culture. There is no exit yet you are free to create.

You are always in the middle of your thoughts, your ego, your personality, your culture, and your stream of consciousness.

Unless you aren’t going to die sometime, you must learn how to create despite whatever is going on in your life.  If you wait until you are divinely inspired or perfectly centered, unburdened of what usually happens, you won’t create. Both tomorrow and the next day if you wonder how you did such a wonderful job disappointing yourself, then you know the only time you can create is right now. Literally, right now.


How Can I Create in the Middle of My Life?

How does a person manage to create in the middle of things?

How will I manage to create in the middle of things?

How do most people create in the middle of things? They don’t. They don’t meet the challenge. Something always gets in the way, and tomorrow or the next day is the same story. Not only do they not know how to create, they won’t try to find out because the effort is right now. Here. Today. Create.

The alternative is continued war with life. Some slam life’s door shut so hard that loneliness, unhappiness, and alienation follow, establishing your hiding place.

Or maybe creating sporadically or accidentally. When the heavens align you can write or play or paint only it is never. If you always want to but actually only a teeny percent of the time. Self-disappointment disguised as a lack of flashes of inspiration.


Create Now:

  1. Practice mindfulness
  2. Live your purpose
  3. You make meaning of your life, it isn’t sought after or waited for
  4. ABC Always be creating
  5. The muse comes when she wishes
  6. Self-Coach. Know your thoughts create your reality
  7. Actually enter the stream and become professional
  8. Fit the part and act as if you are your best self
  9. Learn from your excuses and keep feeling the sore spots
  10. Create because you have to, for pure personal experience and no future expectations
  11. Setting an intention
  12. Dropping everything. Like right now, drop everything and go create!


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