Advice-Only Retirement Planning for Physicians

Advice-Only Retirement Planning for Physicians

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DIY physicians want someone to double check their progress towards retirement. Advice-only recommendations have no conflicts of interest and no sales.

Once you understand your retirement options, retirement income planning is a must! Moving from accumulation to spending your nest egg is serious business with lot of moving parts.

Hourly Advice-only Planning: $275

Issues Commonly Addressed:

When to claim social security.

Options for Healthcare in Retirement.

Which accounts to draw from… and when?

Planning for IRMAA.

Setting up a Tax-Efficient portfolio.

Legacy planning:

Disclaimer Estate Planning

How can I give away all my money?

What is the best way to leave money to my children?

Roth Conversion Planning:

Roth Conversions are the most powerful tool to control future taxes.

Asset Protection:

Asset protection strategies for physicians.

Tax Planning:

Taxes are often a retirees largest expense. How can you optimize taxes not only this year, but for the next 20 years? Having a tax projection during your tax planning window helps decide how much you can optimally withdrawal from your retirement accounts.

What is Advice-Only Retirement Planning for Physicians?