asset allocation of today

The Portfolio of My Day

The Portfolio of My Day   I got to thinking about the portfolio of my day today. There is this thought experiment you do with your asset allocation where you challenge yourself today as to what you would do if […]

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purpose of that money

The Purpose of “that money”

What is the purpose of “that money” You are trading money to access a risk pool whenever you purchase an insurance product. That is, you are pooling your risk with others to mitigate that risk! You don’t invest in annuities; […]

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How to Use an Annuity in Retirement

How to Use an Annuity in Retirement How do you use an annuity in retirement? There is a saying in retirement circles that annuities are simply a tool in your allocation toolbelt. As in all investing, decisions are tradeoffs. Asset […]

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How to Double Your Stock Broker's Returns

How to Double Your Stock Broker’s Returns

How to Double Your Stock Broker’s Returns   Why is it so difficult to get the general population to understand basic investing principles? For instance, doubling your stock broker’s returns is easy, but almost no one does it. And no, […]

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Retirement Planning for Doctors

Physician Net Worth at Retirement

Average Net Worth of Physicians at Retirement -and- Assorted Issues in Retirement Planning for Doctors Some doctors are excellent accumulators of wealth. Once you have your accumulation plan in place, it might be time to consider some cultivated issues in […]

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Best Bond Alternatives

Best Alternatives to Bonds

Best Bond and Bond Fund Alternatives What are the best alternative to bonds? Bond alternatives are an interesting consideration given the recent low-interest rate environment that has now given way to high Inflation and a rapid increase in short-term interest […]

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