15 year mortgage vs investing

15 Year Mortgage vs Investing

Should You Get a 15 year Mortgage or Invest?  15 year mortgage or invest? What if you could get a 15 year mortgage but chose to invest instead? Let’s look at a 15-year mortgage vs. investing! We can use professional […]

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SEPP 72(t) in Early Retirement

Planning for a SEPP 72(t) A SEPP 72(t) is a rite of passage on the journey to FIRE. Do you need a SEPP 72(t)? How can you model one? Or, wait, should I do a 5-year Roth Conversion ladder instead? […]

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MYGA ladder

MYGA vs CD, and MYGA Ladders

Why You Should Consider MYGAs instead of CDs MYGAs are good annuities. It is a shame that annuities have a bad rap. There are, however, good annuities that the advanced investor should consider. A MYGA (Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity) may have […]

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best tax strategies for retirement

Best Tax Strategies for Retirement

Best Tax Strategies for Retirement What are the best tax strategies for retirement? First, we will discuss the tax planning window, the optimal time to do tax strategies in retirement. Next, not infrequently, that tax strategy is a yearly series […]

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what is the widow's penalty?

What is the Widow’s Penalty?

Widow’s Penalty: Tax Increase after Loss of a Spouse What is the widow’s penalty? What happens at the death of the first spouse? After the emotions, there are also tax and financial implications: The Widow’s Penalty.  Also known as Widow’s […]

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