Roth Ladders

Modeling and Building a Roth Conversion Ladder in Early Retirement Folks get confused when talking about Roth Conversion Ladders, a series of partial Roth IRA conversions, and backdoor Roth IRAs. Here, we are discussing early retirement and trying to access […]

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Story I'm telling Myself

The Story I’m Telling Myself

The Story The story I’m telling myself right now is that I can choose what my history means to me. That means I can decide how much my history affects me. If history prevents you from having a better day, […]

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Reinvesting Dividends

When to Stop Reinvesting Dividends?

Stop Reinvesting Dividends When You Retire Some people think you should always reinvest dividends. Others think perhaps there are times when you should stop reinvesting dividends when you retire. When should you stop reinvesting dividends before you retire? What is […]

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Should I Self-Insure Long Term Care?

Self-Funding Long Term Care Building wealth and self-funding long-term care insurance gives you the best of both worlds. Since there are no good options for long-term care insurance, the baseline case is self-funding. Neither Medicaid nor insurance are great options; […]

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The "Enough Mindset" In Retirement

“Enough” In Retirement

The opposite of scarcity is enough   The opposite of scarcity is enough. Not abundance. In retirement, it is okay to be enough, and it is okay to have enough. Enough is the goal in retirement rather than abundance.   Scarcity […]

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purpose of that money

The Purpose of “that money”

Annuities in Retirement What is the purpose of that money in retirement? When you buy an annuity, you trade a lump sum to access a risk pool. You pool your risk with others to mitigate the risk. You don’t invest […]

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