joy in investing

Joy in Investing

Joy in Investing     How can you have joy in investing? Start with this: some people are ok with volatility, and others are not. This is important because basic investing hygiene invokes “buy low and sell high.” Buy low […]

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desired inflation

What is “Desired” Inflation?

What is “Desired” Inflation?     Funny that people try to predict future inflation rates. Don’t get me wrong, inflation is a huge concern for those considering retirement, but what can you actually do about it? Let’s start by trying […]

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what is a buffer etf

What is a Buffered ETF?

What is a Buffer or Buffered ETF? What is a Buffer EFT? Buffer or buffered ETFs have been around since about 2018. The idea: you have some downside protection and a chance at growth. Does that sound familiar? Yup, another […]

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shame and burnout

Physician Burnout and Shame

Shame and its effect on the physician burnout epidemic     Shame exacerbates physician burnout. Yet shame is rarely discussed as either an underlying risk factor for burnout or a resulting emotion from burnout itself. We have understood the harmful […]

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asset allocation of today

The Portfolio of My Day

The Portfolio of My Day   I got to thinking about the portfolio of my day today. There is this thought experiment you do with your asset allocation where you challenge yourself today as to what you would do if […]

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purpose of that money

The Purpose of “that money”

What is the purpose of “that money” You are trading money to access a risk pool whenever you purchase an insurance product. That is, you are pooling your risk with others to mitigate that risk! You don’t invest in annuities; […]

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How to Use an Annuity in Retirement

How to Use an Annuity in Retirement How do you use an annuity in retirement? There is a saying in retirement circles that annuities are simply a tool in your allocation toolbelt. As in all investing, decisions are tradeoffs. Asset […]

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