Step-by-Step Guide to Mega Backdoor Roth

Mega Backdoor Roth Step-by-Step

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Mega Backdoor Roth The Mega Backdoor Roth is an excellent way for high-income earners to tuck away a ton of Roth money for retirement. There are a couple of things you need: High Income a […]

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Best Retirement Podcasts 2020

Best Retirement Podcasts 2022

Best Retirement Podcasts 2022 Retirement Podcasts are plentiful. Which podcasts are the best retirement podcasts for 2022? Here, I define a retirement podcast as an information- and planning-rich resource that focuses on the financial aspects of retirement. Other podcasts that […]

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physician early retirement

Early Retirement Plans for Physicians

Physician Early Retirement Plans   Physician early retirement is not a novel idea, but perhaps one that now has a more developed framework. It is an idea whose time has come: take back the keys to your j.o.b. and work […]

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Physician Investor

Physician Investor: How to be an Excellent DIY Investor

You Can Be an Excellent Physician Investor   Physician investors can be excellent DIY investors. But remember, physicians are considered “dumb money”—we have marks on our back from the financial industry. Yet we understand evidence-based medicine, standards of care, statistics, […]

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Best Bond Alternatives

Best Alternatives to Bonds

Best Bond Alternatives and Bond Fund Alternatives  What are the best alternative to bonds? Bond alternatives are an interesting consideration given the low-interest rate environment. If you have de-risked from your accumulation portfolio, you likely have quite a bit of […]

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good annuity

Good Annuities

A Good Annuity Comprehensive Guide  What is a “good annuity?” It is an annuity an advanced investor might want to buy! Usually, you are sold annuities, not so with a good annuity. When considering retirement income, should you use “good” […]

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