Are you being sold a RILA Annuity?

What is a RILA?   What is a RILA, and should you buy one? These annuities are taking off from a sales perspective, so I’m not surprised that you are being sold a RILA. Should you buy one? Let’s find […]

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Retirement annuities

How to Use Good Annuities in Retirement

Good Annuities in Retirement How do you use an annuity in retirement? Which annuities are “good” for retirement? Annuities, when used appropriately, lower both potential risk and possible reward. For significant current income needs, a SPIA is a good tool. […]

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MYGA ladder

MYGA vs CD, and MYGA Ladders

Why You Should Consider MYGAs instead of CDs in a CD Ladder MYGAs are good annuities. Annuities have a bad rap. There are, however, good annuities that the advanced investor should consider. A MYGA (Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity) may have a […]

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Roth Conversions are like longevity insurance

How Roth Conversions are like Longevity Insurance

Roth Conversions are Longevity Insurance Roth conversions are a little like longevity insurance! Longevity insurance pays you more the longer you live. It protects against living too long a life. Social security is longevity insurance, too. Interested? Let’s talk about […]

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purpose of that money

The Purpose of “that money”

What is the purpose of “that money” You are trading money to access a risk pool whenever you purchase an insurance product. That is, you are pooling your risk with others to mitigate that risk! You don’t invest in annuities; […]

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good annuity

SPIAs – Good Annuities

A Good Annuity Comprehensive Guide to SPIAs What is a “good annuity?” It is an annuity an advanced investor might want to buy! Usually, you are sold annuities, but not so with a good annuity. When considering retirement income, should […]

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IOVA Annuity

Investment-Only Variable Annuities: IOVA

A Less Expensive Variable Annuity Option: IOVA IOVA Annuities can be less expensive. Variable annuities in general are expensive, complex, and can be chock full of riders that benefit the insurance company more than the investor. There are a few […]

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