Best Retirement Podcasts 2020

Best Retirement Podcasts 2021

Best Retirement Podcasts 2021

Retirement Podcasts are plentiful. Which podcasts are the best retirement podcasts for 2021?

Here, I define a retirement podcast as an information- and planning-rich resource that focuses on the financial aspects of retirement. Other podcasts that cover the purpose and emotions of retirement are not included.

Which retirement podcasts are the best for 2021?

Retirement Podcast—Best Overall

I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. They are great for early AM power walks and commuting. Listen at 1 and 1/2 speed and work your way up to 2x speed if able!

When attempting to decide a best overall retirement podcast, I didn’t feel like I could pick just one! Everyone’s listening style is different. And most importantly, everyone’s baseline knowledge is different.

I have attempted to include the most information-rich shows that have very little self-promotion. In order to do this, I have left out a few shows that are mostly just long-winded advertisements. That said, always understand the incentives of the information providers.

Instead of a best overall retirement podcast, let’s look at some of the best retirement podcasts for 2021 broken down by subcategory.

Best New Retirement Podcast of the Year

The nod in 2021 goes to Ready for Retirement. I have just discovered this podcast and haven’t made it back to most episodes, but I’m impressed with these value-packed episodes. This is like a retirement textbook, only there really isn’t a good textbook out there! You can look through the catalogue and pick out episodes you want to listen to, and the advice is sound and reasonable for most.

Best Retirement Podcast with Humor

Your Money Your Wealth is hilarious. Good humor and good planning. In addition, the production value of this show is perhaps the best in class.

Hosts Big-Al and Joe answer a wide variety of questions including retirement and social security questions. Al is a CPA, so there is a tax-centric nature that you don’t find in other retirement podcasts. This is a great addition and makes this retirement podcast stand out.

Best Retirement Podcast for Easy Listening

Retirement Answer Man provides basic information and is focused more on the purpose and emotional aspects of retirement rather than numbers. If you are looking for a basic show without much substance that is easy to listen to, start here.

Best Retirement Podcast for Technical Information

The Retirement and IRA Show wins the technical category by a landslide! If you want a four-part series on the QLAC or the nitty gritty on estate planning, Jim and Chris are your men.

Chris coined the Tax Planning Window. In addition, they present novel planning ideas such as Roth Re-Characterizations via the 60-day Rollover. There are other unique planning ideas in the show mostly from the Ed Slott Group.

Search past episodes and see if a particular technical topic interests you. Watch out for Jim’s perseveration on certain topics which he covers in detail every other episode. If you are scared of annuities, on the other hand, Jim’s philosophy might teach you a thing or two.

Best Retirement Podcast for Older Folks

Allworth Financial Money Matters has been around forever. This podcast is worth listening to especially if you live on the west coast and have traditional sensibilities.

It should be noted that Allworth is a Fee-Based Company (not Fee-Only), so they have extensive conflicts of interest that are infrequently discussed. That said, they answer questions “as if you were a relative” and the advice comes without commercial bias. It is surprising how often specific information they give out is just plain wrong, but usually it is on nitpicky topics that they make mistakes.

Overall, the show is fun and informative. Entertainment value slightly trumps informational value after a few episodes, but download any one episode (they are all pretty much the same answering callers’ questions) and see if you like the laid-back style.

Best Retirement Podcast for Younger Folks

Stay Wealthy is a podcast by a marketing genius. He actually self-titles his webpage as the “#1 Retirement Podcast” without any data to back up that claim, but maybe that’s why he is a marketing genius and I’m not.

He also wrote a traditional magazine article where he ranks his own podcast in the top 5 retirement podcasts. Genius. Well, Taylor, you better live up to your billing as I’m naming you the best retirement podcast for younger listeners.

Honorable Mentions

Afford Anything  Great podcast. Focuses on Early Retirement but the host is amazingly insightful and unravels the question-behind-the-question that needs to be answered first.

Bogleheads On Investing Rick Ferri interviews great guests. Great long-form interview podcast.

Money For the Rest of Us Usually very technical but great information. Focus is on investing rather than retirement.

Retirement Starts Today Basic information without much personality. Possibly the most over-rated retirement podcast.

The Long View  Produced by Morningstar, very information guests and topics. Best podcast in the honorable mention section.

Retirement Podcasts with a SPIN

There are plenty of different retirement podcasts out there with a spin on traditional retirement income planning. Some of these are far from the best retirement podcasts of 2020. If you want, however, to get a different spin from traditional retirement podcasts these may be worth checking out.

Retire Secure  Check out historical episodes by James Lange, a Lawyer and CPA. He has a doomsday mentality on some issues (he has predicted the death of the stretch IRA multiple time – he just may be right this time with the SECURE Act). If you are thinking about an inheritance plan, however, especially review Lange’s Cascading Estate Plan. Good retirement planning topics from a legal perspective.

The Power of Zero Mostly a sales pitch by the author of the same book. It is interesting to get his take on the future of taxation and how to pay zero taxes in retirement. Listen to this podcast if you want to sharpen your teeth about why you don’t need cash value life insurance.

Rational Reminder Actually a podcast out of Candida, the hosts discuss rational evidence-based investing. Worth a listen if you want to discuss the data that supports rational investing. Accents are awesome ‘eh.

Best Podcast for Long Form Interviews

Masters In Business is a podcast worth listening to every week. Barry Ritholtz has A+ level guests, and although the topic is not usually retirement, it is not usually Business either. Topics include investing, economics, business, history, and has a great segment on the end for recommended books.

Although not specifically a Retirement Podcast, Masters In Business deserves a listen. Scroll through and see if any of the top-notch guests catch your eye.

Summary The Best Retirement Podcasts 2020

There you have it. This is, admittedly, one man’s view of the best (and worst) in retirement podcasts for 2021.

There is good information and bad information everywhere on the internet, so take everything you hear on a podcast with a grain of salt. Or many grains.

Obviously, folks do a podcast because they are pitching their services! Some are more overt about their conflicts of interest than others, but all have conflicts of interest and services to sell

If you enjoy planning for retirement and listening to podcasts, check out some of my best podcasts for retirement in 2021!

Meanwhile, think about attending the White Coat Investor Virtual Conference in March 2021. I’m giving a talk on “Taxes and the White Coat Investor.” There are 50 hours of education! This is must see for those who enjoy virtual conferences and are interested in finances for the wealthy.

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  1. I find Retirement Starts Today educational. And you do list it as an honorable mention, yet you call it “possibly most over-rated.” Do you mean “under-rated?”

    Thanks for the list. Many of my current favorites and a few more to check out.

    • No, over rated. I just don’t get excited when it drops on my playlist. Kind of boring… needs updating. It is educational but I like other people’s work better! Thanks for commenting.

  2. I found YMYW from your last blog post about podcasts, and it’s become a favorite in my podcast rotation. Looking forward to checking out some of these new ones (to me) too!

  3. Thanks David. I am always looking for podcasts. I agree with you about the
    Retirement Starts Today podcast. Easy to listen to, but I hardly ever learn anything new.

  4. Being within (hopefully) 2-3 years of retirement, I love The Retirement and IRA Show! Have learned so much (esp. the questions to ask). Another shout out for New Retirement, too. Super informative. Excellent list – thank you!

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