Best Retirement Podcasts 2020

Best Retirement Podcasts 2022

Best Retirement Podcasts 2022 Retirement Podcasts are plentiful. Which podcasts are the best retirement podcasts for 2022? Here, I define a retirement podcast as an information- and planning-rich resource that focuses on the financial aspects of retirement. Other podcasts that […]

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Physician Retirement Plan

Physician Retirement Plan – Are You Ready?

Physician Retirement Plan: Issues You Must Address Before Retirement   What must you address in a Physician Retirement Plan? Let’s look at the big rocks of a physician retirement plan: Taken from the parable that if you have sand, pebbles and […]

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good annuity

A Good Annuity for the Advanced Investor

A Good Annuity Comprehensive Guide  What is a “good annuity?” It is an annuity an advanced investor might want to buy! Usually you are sold annuities; not so with a good annuity. When considering retirement income, should you use “good” […]

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