Summary withdrawal strategy

Withdrawal Strategies Modeled on Planning Software

Guardrails vs Other Withdrawal Strategies   I’ve spent some time looking at withdrawal strategies during the spend-down phase of retirement. The planning software allows me to model several versions, including Guardrails, Floor and Ceiling, and also let future spending be […]

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Best Retirement Podcasts 2020

Best Retirement Podcasts 2024

Best Retirement Podcasts 2024 Which podcasts are the best retirement podcasts for 2024? I like retirement podcasts, which are information-rich and focus on the planning or financial aspects of retirement. Other podcasts that cover the purpose and emotions of retirement […]

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RIP retirement

Are Target Date Funds Useful In Retirement?

Are Target Date Funds Useful In Retirement?   Let’s discuss reasons not to use target-date funds during the retirement drawdown phase. A fund-of-fund (like a target-date fund) is simple, efficient, and easy to manage during accumulation. Remember, though, that everything […]

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Intrafamily Loans

Loan your kids a down payment

  Intrafamily Loans Tax Implications   If you have oversaved for retirement, you might consider giving your kids or grandkids a loan for a downpayment on a house. The tax implications of these intrafamily loans are important to understand. With […]

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HSA and Medicare Penalty

What is the HSA and Medicare Penalty?

HSA and Medicare Penalty: the HSA Medicare 6-Month Rule What is the HSA and Medicare Penalty? Did you know that Medicare enrollment impacts your ability to make HSA contributions? That is, you cannot make any HSA contributions when you are […]

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QHFD: Using IRA to fund HSA

QHFD: Qualified HSA Funding Distribution QHFD (Qualified HSA Funding Distribution). What a fun term. If you are less than 59 years old and have an HSA, consider funding it with your IRA. Especially if an inherited IRA or there is basis […]

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Roth Ladders

Modeling and Building a Roth Conversion Ladder in Early Retirement Folks get confused when talking about Roth Conversion Ladders, a series of partial Roth IRA conversions, and backdoor Roth IRAs. Here, we are discussing early retirement and trying to access […]

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