401a vs 403b

Have a 401a vs 403b? 457b? What to do!?!

Retirement Plans: 401a, 403b, and 457b Plans 401a vs 403b vs 457b! Physicians are high income professionals who optimally defer income into retirement plans during peak earning years. If you have access to a 401a vs 403b vs 457b then […]

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Step-by-Step Guide to Mega Backdoor Roth

Mega Backdoor Roth Step-by-Step

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Mega Backdoor Roth The Mega Backdoor Roth is an excellent way for high-income earners to tuck away a ton of Roth money for retirement. There are a couple of things you need: High Income a […]

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Physician Investor

Physician Investor: How to be an Excellent DIY Investor

You Can Be an Excellent Physician Investor   Physician investors can be excellent DIY investors. But remember, physicians are considered “dumb money”—we have marks on our back from the financial industry. Yet we understand evidence-based medicine, standards of care, statistics, […]

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chaos theory in stock market

Chaos Theory in the Stock Market

Mandelbrot, Chaos Theory, and The Misbehavior of Markets   Stock market returns are not just random—they are randomly random. That is, the returns of the market are stochastic. While I love the word stochastic, it and Chaos Theory are not […]

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illiquidity risk premium

Illiquidity Risk Premium

Illiquidity Risk Premium The Illiquidity Risk Premium is paid to those who allow others access to capital. The goal: to earn outsized returns. While it is nice to have some liquid emergency funds, much of your money can (and perhaps […]

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