direct indexing

Direct Indexing at Vanguard

Direct Indexing for the DIY Investor   Direct indexing has been around for a couple decades, but is now more accessible to the individual investor. Technology, fractional shares, and feeless trading of equities all contribute to bring direct indexing into […]

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What is a Buffered ETF? Should I Use one?

Definition, Strategy, Risks, and how Buffered ETFs Work   Buffered ETFs have been around since about 2018. The idea: you have some downside protection and a chance at growth. Does that sound familiar? Yup another structured product! These buffered ETFs […]

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fungible money

Money is Fungible

Mental Accounting, Fungibility of Money, and Asset Location Fungible is a funky financial term. Money is Fungible. Let’s inculcate fungible into your lexicon. Fungible means interchangeable. Or substitutable. The meaning of fungibility is the same. A dollar bill in D.C. […]

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