HSA and Medicare Penalty

What is the HSA and Medicare Penalty?

HSA and Medicare Penalty: the HSA Medicare 6 Month Rule     What is the HSA and Medicare Penalty? Did you know that Medicare enrollment impacts your ability to make HSA contributions? That is, you cannot make any HSA contributions […]

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QHFD: A Backdoor HSA?

QHFD: a Qualified HSA Funding Distribution QHFD (Qualified HSA Funding Distribution). What a fun term. If you are less than 59 years old and have an HSA, consider funding it with your IRA. Especially if an inherited IRA or there is basis […]

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Best Retirement Podcasts 2020

Best Retirement Podcasts 2022

Best Retirement Podcasts 2022 Retirement Podcasts are plentiful. Which podcasts are the best retirement podcasts for 2022? Here, I define a retirement podcast as an information- and planning-rich resource that focuses on the financial aspects of retirement. Other podcasts that […]

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What Is Advice-Only Financial Planning? Advice-Only! Because financial literacy is not taught in our schools. Money is not mentioned around the dinner table. Paying for financial planning is confusing and expensive. Watch out for incentives! If you have an insurance […]

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portfolio stress testing excel

Portfolio Stress Testing Excel

Portfolio Stress Testing A Portfolio Stress Test is an important consideration when considering the resiliency of your current assets in the light of future potential risks. Future risks include known risks—market crashes, for one—and potential risks such as inflation and […]

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