who pays IRA taxes?

Who Pays the Taxes on Your IRA?

IRA Legacy Planning   Let’s look at IRA Legacy Planning. IRAs are tax timebombs, and someone will pay the taxes. Who? You, Your Spouse, or Your Kids? Do you and your spouse want to pay the taxes or leave them for […]

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SLATs for Estate Taxes

SLATs — I want an Estate Tax Problem!

SLATs If you have succeeded in gathering and protecting assets, you may have a Federal Estate Tax problem. Consider a SLAT. How about that for a new financial goal: I want an estate tax problem!   Worried about Estate Taxes? […]

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best tax strategies for retirement

Tax Planning Window in Retirement

Tax Planning Window to Save in Lifetime Taxes What is the optimal time to do tax management for retirement? The tax planning window! Not infrequently, that tax strategy is a yearly series of partial Roth conversions. These pre-pay future taxes […]

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Tax Rate Arbitrage

Marginal vs Effective – Tax Rate Arbitrage

Tax Rate Arbitrage and Roth Planning Tax rate arbitrage is an important concept in retirement planning. You must understand tax rate arbitrage to buy the government out of your retirement. When should you harvest or accelerate income, and when should […]

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