best tax strategies for retirement

Tax Planning Window in Retirement

Tax Strategies for Retirement – The Tax Planning Window What are the best tax strategies for retirement? First, we will discuss the tax planning window, and the optimal time to do tax management strategies in retirement. Next, not infrequently, that […]

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Tax Rate Arbitrage

Tax Rate Arbitrage – to Roth or Not

Tax Rate Arbitrage- Roth or no Roth? Tax rate arbitrage is how you can mitigate a deal you made with the government. You put your silent partner in charge of your pre-tax retirement accounts (IRAs and 401k retirement plans). As […]

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what is the widow's penalty?

What is the Widow’s Penalty?

Widow’s Penalty: Tax Increase after Loss of a Spouse What is the widow’s penalty? What happens at the death of the first spouse? After the emotions, there are also tax and financial implications: The Widow’s Penalty.  Also known as Widow’s […]

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