chaos theory in stock market

Chaos Theory in the Stock Market

Mandelbrot, Chaos Theory, and The Misbehavior of Markets   Stock market returns are not just random—they are randomly random. That is, the returns of the market are stochastic. While I love the word stochastic, it and Chaos Theory are not […]

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What Is Advice-Only Financial Planning? Advice-Only! Because financial literacy is not taught in our schools. Money is not mentioned around the dinner table. Paying for financial planning is confusing and expensive. Watch out for incentives! If you have an insurance […]

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illiquidity risk premium

Illiquidity Risk Premium

Illiquidity Risk Premium The Illiquidity Risk Premium is paid to those who allow others access to capital. The goal: to earn outsized returns. While it is nice to have some liquid emergency funds, much of your money can (and perhaps […]

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